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3 Things Really Great Productivity Apps Do

Productivity apps are something I REALLY nerd out over. I love testing them out, I love finding cool ways to tailor them to my needs, and I have more than one pending on what area of my life I’m keeping organized.

My current Productivity App Team consists of:

  1. Notion(my main) 

  2. Trello(for personal/collaboration)

  3. Asana (for long-term goals/tasks and collaboration)

Each of these apps plays a crucial role in my life, and after messing around a bunch, I figured I’d share my thoughts on 4 things that really great productivity apps do.

They make you wanna use them

The first and most important feature of a good productivity app is that it makes you WANT to use it every day. If you find it to be a hassle, then it’s not doing its job. While I love Notion, I totally see how it won’t work for someone else.

There are a ton of valid and awesome apps out there to try, so don’t get discouraged if takes a bit of time to find the one that works best in your workflow

They relieves your anxiety

The point of a productivity app is to help you plan out your day/week, stay organized, and most importantly: alleviate the stress that comes from trying to keep track of everything in your head.

If you’re new to productivity apps, I suggest using Trello to start, as it’s VERY easy to get the hang of, super visual and fluid to use, and won’t overwhelm you with features, layouts, etc.

They help with more than just daily task management

All of the apps I use help me with more than just managing my daily to-dos. Each one has its place in how I shape long-term goals, collaborate with clients or partners, and more.

I don’t think there’s such a thing as a “one-size-fits all” productivity app for me, and I feel more at ease having multiple sources organized with specific tasks in mind.

But just because I feel the need to use multiple apps doesn’t mean you should. If you find one that helps you do what you need to do, and in more areas of your life than just business, that’s freakin’ awesome!

Productivity looks different for everyone

I talk more in-depth about productivity in this post, but the long and short of it is: productivity (and productivity app preferences) will differ from person to person. You need to experiment and find the tools that work for you.

And be sure to share your tools/apps/tips with me, I’m a nerd when it comes to this stuff, and I love learning about new “to-do” toys to test out!

On a similar note, I strongly recommend checking out Rowena Tsai’s YouTube Channel. Not only is she just THE sweetest potato you’ll ever meet- she’s equally savvy and insightful regarding all things productivity, work/life balance, and self-care.

I adore her content, and if you’re reading this blog, you probably will too!

PS: if you want one sure-fire way to up your productivity, check out my free blog template. It makes writing effective blogs super quick and way easier- even if you don’t think you’re that great at writing!

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