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3 Unconventional Reasons You Should Be Using Time Tracking Apps As A Freelancer

If there’s one thing most of us freelancers can agree on… it’s how challenging time management can be. Most of us started our freelance businesses while working full-time somewhere else… Some of us still are splitting time between a 9-5, freelancing, and our family.

One really important tool that every freelancer should have is a time tracking app.

Now, aside from the business advantages like knowing how to charge for your services, manage your project deadlines, etc… there are some unexpected reasons to implement a time tracker.

You can find a variety of free tools to do this, but Clockify and Toggl are my favorites. They both have free versions and are very easy to use.

Reason Number 1: Time Tracking Apps Can Help With Imposter Syndrome

Time tracking apps are a great way to get a birds-eye view of just how much you’re accomplishing throughout your day.

Another great way to kick Imposter Syndrome to the curve is by downloading my Imposter Syndrome Survival Guide! It’s a 14-page ebook filled with my personal tips and tricks for learning how to deal with Imposter Syndrome.

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Reason Number 2: Help Stave Off Burnout

Just like how time tracking apps can help you get a better idea of just how much you’re accomplishing during your work time, that same record-keeping can help you stay ahead of burnout. Having a reminder of how long you’ve been pushing yourself can help you avoid tunnel vision, and stay committed to your time-boundaries.

Reason Number 3: Make Managing Clients Easier

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One unexpected advantage I’ve found with time tracking apps is the way they allow me to organize my clients and their projects. Clockify is especially great at this, and being able to have a way to review the time taken to work on each client’s projects will help you decide not just how to better plan out your schedule… but recognize when it might be time to raise your rate.

So many free time tracking apps to choose from

While I’ve only used Clockify and Toggl, there are SO MANY time tracking apps to try out! If you’re a FreshBooks user, they even have a time tracker, too.

If you’re anything like me, integrating time tracking apps into your workflow might be awkward at first (I still forget to turn them on or sometimes, lol)… but it’s so worth it. For all of the reasons I’ve outlined above, and so many more.

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