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5 Tips That Make Managing Your Instagram Business Account Easier

If you’re like me, you hate having to manage your IG business account. I find it to be an annoying chore, and it’ll be the first thing I outsource once my business grows to that point.

However, social media is important for small business owners, and it’s super integral to growing awareness and turning cold leads into hot leads. That being said, I’ve compiled 5 tips that I personally use to help me stay consistent with my social media management… without wanting to pull my hair out.

Tip 1 | Pre-Plan Your Content Strategy

Pick one day a week and just sit down and create all of your social media posts. Create as many as you can so you build a buffer, that way you don’t have to try and come up with ideas every day for what to post. You’ll have a nice little folder full of posts to choose from without any added stress! 

I usually do this once a week, and I try to create anywhere between 7-14 posts.

Tip 2 | Meme Generators

Nothing gets people to engage with a post like a relevant meme.

In fact, my own business IG is almost exclusively memes. This is for 2 reasons:

1: My brand voice (learn more about how to find your brand voice here) is humorous. I like making people laugh, and I like working with clients who don’t take things too seriously and understand how valuable and powerful a sense of humor is when connecting with people.

2: Memes are easy and quick to make. There are thousands of meme generators that let you input your own text, so you can make pretty much any meme relevant to your preferred audience!

(here’s where you can follow me on Instagram if you like and see how I use memes on my IG biz account)

Tip 3 | Canva

If you don’t want to use memes or don’t want it to be the central theme of your account, Canva is a free browser app that lets you design your own posts easily and quickly. You’ll be able to make some really nice-looking and brand-consistent posts with Canva, and its free version is packed with features.

Tip 4 | Planoly

Planoly is the social media management and scheduling tool I use. I won’t vouch for any of the others because I haven’t used them, but I’ve been using Planoly for months, and I like it a lot. I recently upgraded to the paid plan (which is $10 a month) and I’m happy with the decision because it lets me have unlimited posts, as well as schedule posts for multiple social media platforms at once.

Every Monday I sit down, create all of my social media posts, and schedule them with Planoly. This tool + scheduling block makes sure always ahead, my page is consistently updated, and I reap the benefits of growth without having to think about it daily.

Tip 5 | Hire Someone Else To Do It

If you REALLY just hate dealing with social media and don’t feel comfortable trying to come up with content, hire a VA or Part-Time Social Media Manager. Not only does it take something off of your plate, but they’re pros and will know how to create and schedule posts for maximum efficacy based on your industry and goals.

It might end up being less of an expense and more of an investment that pays for itself.

I hope these tips for managing social media are helpful, and if you have any tools you’ve found that make the process easier, share them in the comments!

Lastly, have you been updating your business blog?

Have you even… started your business blog, lol?

No stress, follow this link to learn the easiest way to write amazing blogs like a pro… and get a free gift from me! 🙂

Alright folks, I’ll talk at ya later,


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