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6 Ways Losing Weight Can Save Money

Ah yes, no doubt there are no two subjects that we like to discuss less than our financial fitness or our physical fitness. However, the fact of the matter is, finance and physical wellness are two sides of the same coin.

Seriously, think about it…

saving money and getting healthy

Losing weight requires discipline, planning, and the uncomfortable bravery to face your situation honestly and objectively that way you can do something about it.

Financial success requires the exact same effort in the exact same way.

Shedding those extra pounds gives you a boost of confidence not just because you are happier with your appearance, but also because you see that your self-discipline pay off.

Succeeding in building and bettering your financial situation gives you the same exact feeling.

Both of these very intimidating endeavors might indeed be scary, and they can often start from a very hopeless and emotional place. But making an effort to assure that both aspects of your life are in a healthy balance is essential to your long-term wellness!

With this in mind, we’re going to talk about a few reasons why getting in shape not only improves your physical wellness- but can also help save you money!

Reason 1: When You Take Control Of Your Fitness, It Will Inspire You To Take Control Of Your Money

Just as we outlined above, when you start working out and eating right, you’ll begin to notice that you feel more at ease and confident in yourself. This confidence can sometimes come from the simple fact that you set your mind to accomplish something, and you’re watching yourself succeed at it.

If you can take steps to master your own body, then you’ll start to feel confident enough to take on other challenges in your life.

losing weight and saving money

The initial feelings of restriction and endurance required when creating and abiding by a budget could be a much smoother transition to cope with if you’ve already accustomed yourself to a fitness routine.

Reason 2: Exercising Is A Free Activity

Introducing an exercise regiment into your weekly schedule is a great way not just to improve your mood or your waistline but is an equally beneficial tactic to help occupy yourself without spending money!

It may seem like a simple step (because it absolutely is), but a 30-minute exercise session is still 30 fewer minutes that you’ll have lingering in boredom… which means you’ll be more likely to avoid filling your Amazon cart with things you (probably) don’t need.

losing weight and saving money

And since all you really need to get a great workout is your body (and enough room to use it), then you don’t have to worry about any added expense!

Reason 3: Exercise Relaxes You

Sure, when you’re sweating your eyeballs out, it might not feel relaxing at the time (at least until you start to cherish your work out sessions)-

-but exercise releases endorphins, which is the hormone that improves your mood, and that will make you feel incredibly calm, focused, and refreshed.

Not to mention, when you take the time to stretch at the end of your workout (which you should ALWAYS DO), it will give you such a sense of calm that no amount of shopping could compare to the zen you can achieve from physical mindfulness.

exercise and saving money

These habits are helpful to your long-term financial goals because many of us can sometimes go shopping as a means of stress relief when we’re feeling down.

When we have a healthy means of coping with our daily stresses, then we’re far less likely to fill our shopping baskets in an attempt to ease our anxiety.

Reason 4: Eating Clean Means More Green (And Not Just In Your Fridge)

Many rumors perpetuate the unhelpful idea that eating healthy is extremely expensive and, therefore, an unrealistic way of living a healthier lifestyle or living on a budget.

However, aside from what you might be forced to spend at a restaurant for a salad compared to chicken fingers, grocery shopping for a healthy diet is often LESS expensive than the alternative unhealthy food choices.

How is that possible…?

eating healthy and saving money

Well, it is because those unhealthy options tend to be CONVENIENT! This convenience makes these food options way more costly.

Fresh vegetables and protein may take more effort to prepare, but they’ll save you a lot of money in the long run. Not to mention, having control of what goes into your food will vastly expedite your weight loss results and overall wellness.


Reason 5: Eating Healthy Means Spending Less Money At Restaurants

Now, you should always treat yourself once in a while during your fitness journey (and the same can be said when it comes to learning how to budget).

However, when you are eating for weight loss, you’ll be less tempted to eat out at restaurants because you’ll have less control over what ingredients used when preparing your food.

That means-

You guessed it!

You’ll save loads of money!

To put it into perspective: The average couple could buy themselves enough groceries to make a week’s worth of lunches with the money they saved by not eating out.

Reasons 6: One Good Habit Leads To More Good Habits

Taking any positive step to better oneself almost always leads to another step- and then another…

Whether it’s making your bed each morning or choosing the smoothie over the soda, you’ll be more likely to expand your wellness habits into all aspects of your life. With that personal growth, you’ll naturally gain the confidence to face and manage your finances.

As you begin to feel your confidence grow, you will be brave enough to confront the weak spots in your spending. Once you identify the issues, you will have the motivation to make the necessary efforts to resolve them and save money.

Long story short: if you learn that you have the self-control to make healthy food choices, then you’ll realize that you also have the self-control to make healthy financial choices, too.

Your Wellness Is What Matters

Even though it’s scary, and it can be hard, taking control of your physical and financial wellness is a skill.

Mastering a skill only requires that you practice. So, as long as you keep your long-term goals in mind, you can conquer your money habits!

If you’re not sure how to get started, not to worry, I’ve got you covered!

If you want to learn more about how passive saving can change your financial future, go check out my blog “Why Passive Saving Is The Best Step Toward Financial Security”. In that post, you’ll find a bunch of helpful tips to get you started with budgeting and saving money- without even trying!

(Definitely worth checking out as the endless fiscal temptations of the most expensive time of the year has arrived)

On that note…

Have A VERY Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!

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