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8 Free Google Chrome Extensions Every Creative Entrepreneur Needs

Google Chrome Extensions are an awesome way to save precious time as a freelance copywriter and entrepreneur. I rely on several Google Chrome Extensions every day (all but one of which is free) to help me stay productive, knowledgeable- even healthy.

While you might find dozens of listicles filled with 50+ Google Chrome Extensions… I’ve decided to chop that list down to the bare bones. These extensions make my life as a creative entrepreneur easier and more efficient. They’re all free, and I’m only talking about Google Chrome extensions I’ve used personally and on a regular basis.

WooRank is the newest member of this list, so I’m still learning the ropes (I did some research for this blog to make sure I wasn’t missing out on anything and discovered it), but I’ll give you my impressions thus far later on in the post…

8 google chrome extensions every entrepreneur needs blog post

WhatFont “Font Finder” Google Chrome Extension

I am in love with this Google Chrome Extension. WhatFont is a free tool that tells you the name of a font on any given website. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent trying to manually search for a matching font, and usually to no avail. WhatFont has improved the visual design side of my life immensely.

All you do is click the extension icon, and HOVER over text you find on the interwebs. It tells you all about the font right then and there. Too cool.

CopyFish “Image To Text” Google Chrome Extension

The CopyFish Google Chrome Extension was actually the inspiration for this blog post. I was working on a landing page for a client, and I was confronted with yet another irritation from my marketing past…

Needing the text off of an image file.

Yet another time-sink of copying the text by hand into a separate document in my baby marketing years…

But not anymore.

When you click the CopyFish icon, you select the text you want to “convert” with a selection box, and CopyFish reads the data, and BOOM! The text of an image file is now translated into a nifty little textbox that you can select, copy, and paste!

Seriously, this is a lifesaver.

Hunter Email Finder Chrome Extension

We all have to do cold outreach, which means we have to spend hours searching for email addresses (check out my extensive post about how to cold email in 2021 and save yourself HOURS).

The Hunter Google Chrome Extension has free and paid plans, and it’s standard for anyone who relies on cold pitching in their business. As far as FREE email address finder apps go, I like it.

Stretch Reminder “Wellness” Chrome Extension

Remember how I said I had plugins that even helped me stay healthy? Well, the self-explanatory Google Chrome Extension: “Stretch Reminder” does just that. We who work mostly on computers suffer from neck pain, back pain, and general body aches.

Stretch Reminder does exactly what it says it does. It reminds me to stretch. You can select your preferences as far as types of stretches (upper body, lower-body, full-body) and how frequently you’d like to be reminded (every 30-mins, every hour, etc)

It’s the perfect tool for anyone who finds themselves getting totally lost in their screens. Once enabled, iIt just pops right up on your screen (making it impossible to miss) and gives you a stretch to perform

Grammarly “Spelling & Grammar” Chrome Extension

I pay for Grammarly, but the free Grammarly Google Chrome Extension is SO AWESOME. It works beautifully in my Google Docs, and it’s always there looking out for me (and typos).

For anyone who’s never heard of Grammarly, it’s a browser-based spelling and grammar app that’s super intuitive. It helps keep track of tone, sentence structure, active vs passive voice, so much.

While the Grammarly Chrome extension doesn’t have as many features as the full program, it’s still a tool that I can’t live without.

GoFullPage “Website Screen Capture” Chrome Extension

GoFullPage is the Google Chrome Extension for my creative entrepreneurs building up their portfolios. Trying to capture work you’ve done (especially online) can be challenging. But GoFullPage lets you take a screenshot of the ENTIRE webpage you’re on, making it super easy to record and save files of your work.

1Password “Password Manager” Chrome Extension

Protecting our data is (obviously) critically important. When dealing with sensitive documents, websites, etc from clients or your own business, you need to protect them.

1Password is a very easy way to provide awesome protection for your website logins without having to keep track of hundreds of unique passwords. This one IS NOT free, but I DO think it’s very important to mention.

WooRank “Website SEO Analyzer” Chrome Extension

As I mentioned in my intro paragraph, WooRank was discovered while doing research for this blog, so I’m still learning my ways around it. However, I’m really impressed thus far. WooRank is a Google Chrome Extension that lets you check out a website SEO information.

All you do is click on the little icon in your extension bar, and a window will pop up with a ton of info about the website.

It gives you details about things like Title tags and meta descriptions, as well as errors and “possible improvements”. Thus far, I think it’s not only a useful tool to help you review your own website, but also conduct competitor research and get inspiration.

It honestly has so much information and I don’t have enough time to go over it in this post, so I strongly recommend checking out this free SEO chrome extension for yourself.

Chrome Extensions Let You Work Smarter Not Harder

If you take nothing else away from this post, let it be to work smarter and not harder. Even if some of these tools don’t work for you, I have no doubt there are Google Chrome Extensions that WILL.

The next time you find yourself faced with a weird issue, inconvenience, or just want to find ways to add efficiency to your workflow, see if there’s an extension that’ll do the trick.

I’ve also got a couple of articles that I think you might like if you’re looking for more awesome tools that make running a small business easier.

Here are a few if you’re interested:

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Please leave a comment and let me know about any other awesome Google Chrome Extensions that you love using. I’m always looking for new tools to add to my own workflow, and I’m sure anyone else who checks out this article would appreciate it, too!

Take it easy, and may your week be awesome,


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