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A Day In My Life As a Freelance Mom

This post is unlike my usual marketing and imposter syndrome-style articles, but I thought it’d be really fun to share what a day in my life as a freelance copywriter and full-time mom is like.

 But just in case anyone is new here, let’s start with a quick introduction…

I’m Kenz and I started my freelance copywriting business in the summer of 2019 while 6-months pregnant with my son. I started freelancing after learning that my job wasn’t willing to accommodate (partial) remote-work days.

If you’re curious about my “origin” story as a copywriter, you can read the whole story here.

Now let’s get into what an average day in my life as a freelance mom looks like.

Part 1: My freelance mom morning “routine”

I was very regimented in 2020. Waking up at 5:30AM to cram “self-care” and work in before my son woke up around 7:30-8:00 AM. While I enjoyed that schedule, I got burnt out after a while. Now that Jake’s a bit older, and capable of entertaining himself (for the most part), my morning routine looks a little different.

Currently, I wake up around 7AM… and while I know it’s a bad habit, I’ll let myself wake up by checking my email and social media before getting out of bed. Sometimes I lay there until Jake wakes up, but it’s usually just until the “sleepiness” fades. 

The time between getting out of bed and Jake waking up I spend journaling, affirming, and any admin work I can get in. Jake’s usually up by 8, but sometimes I get lucky and he wakes up around 8:30-9:00 AM.

(for anyone who’s curious, he’s been sleeping through the night since 7 months)

Part 2: Jake awakens

Once Jake lets me know he’s awake, I head up to his room, let him play for a bit to get acclimated to consciousness, and get him dressed. Then we head down to let our dog out, fill her and the 2 cat bowls with food, and start Jake’s breakfast.

He and I sit at the kitchen table and eat breakfast together. I make a point not to do any work or be on my phone during these mealtimes, as I treasure them. Oftentimes, he gets on a video call with my mom while he eats.

All the while, our dog waits patiently at his feet for food scraps to unintentionally (and more often intentionally) fall from the “sky”.

After breakfast we usually tidy up the house:

  1. Unload and load the dishwasher

  2. Vacuum (which is one of Jake’s favorite activities- and I am not kidding)

  3. Clean up anything leftover from the night before

  4. And then deal with Jake’s tantrum when we’re done vacuuming, lol

One of my most important rituals during this time is making my iced matcha latte. I find it therapeutic, and I enjoy my latte because it not only tastes good, but I feel good knowing I’m taking this tiny step to care for my body. I’ve been struggling a lot with caffeine and headaches, so coffee hasn’t been a friend of mine lately.

I make my matcha latte right before sitting down to start working again, as it helps get my brain into the right mode. Sometimes we’ll sit outside if Jake’s feeling extra energetic, and I let him run around on the porch while I enjoy some sunshine.

Part 3: Late morning to lunch

I’ll usually try to get as much work in as I can, but if I’m noticing Jake is extra fussy and needs my attention, I switch modes and focus on him.

Around noon, Jake and I head to town for a pre-nap walk around the neighborhood. This is a REALLY important time for BOTH of us, especially after being stuck inside with COVID and then the winter months. 

We’ll usually walk for an hour while I listen to a business podcast, and enjoy the fresh air. This is a really precious time that I do everything in my power to protect. Walking outside helps me write better, and keeps my mental health in a great place.

When we get home, Jake eats lunch, and then I lay him down for his nap.

Part 4: Afternoon to dinner

This is my main 3-4 hour “good brain” time (learn more about what I mean by that here.)

While Jake sleeps, I hunker down for the bulk of my most important and focus-driven work. I make sure I have all drinks/snacks I need, I’ve gone to the bathroom, I’ve let the dog out, etc…

I just make sure all of my needs are met so I can’t get distracted.

I’m usually able to get my most important tasks done, and my husband gets home around 4, so he can play around with Jake if I have any straggling work.

After that is family time. We eat dinner together, relax (sometimes go for a second walk if the weather is nice), and hang out until it’s Jake’s bedtime (currently 6:45PM).

Part 5: My evenings as a freelance mom

After putting Jake to bed, my husband and I straighten up any stray messes around the house. 

My evening (which begins at 7 PM) has 2 variants. I either continue to work (usually on course work or side projects), or I vegetate and play my Nintendo Switch. Very rarely is there an inbetween lol.

While I preserve my “good brain” time for Jake’s nap time, I get a second wind in the evening. I never pressure myself to do work after dark, though.

I do it if it feels good, and I relax if that feels better. Rest is far more productive than capitalism might lead you to believe.

My Freelance routine goals For 2021

While I’m content with my current routine, I’d definitely like to introduce some new and old habits. I’m trying not to pressure myself, as I tend to treat self-care activities as chores without realizing it.

Nowadays, I try to be careful and only do things that make me feel rejuvenated. That might seem obvious to others, but I tend to turn self care habits into tasks, and that changes my mindset around doing them. In other words, whatever habits I introduce, I introduce with intention, awareness, and purely because they make me feel good.

Here are some things I’d like to reintroduce mindfully into my routine:

  1. Be more consistent about waking up earlier, as I DO enjoy those quiet mornings

  2. Make more time for meditation (though I kinda use the walk as a form of meditation and mindfulness)

  3. Plan out my meals better, as I’m currently just grabbing what’s convenient and not always nutritious

  4. Put more effort into a skincare routine, as I’m very inconsistent with that

ENough about me: How about you?

How do you feel about daily routines? Do you find you work better with a (mostly) predictable schedule or do you thrive with a free-flowing way to get through the day?

“Routines” are awesome because there’s no “one way”. The most productive routines add ease and lower stress in your life.

I hope this peek into my day in the life as a freelance mom was somewhat entertaining. I’d love to hear about your own experiences with routines that help your workflow.

Take it easy and talk to you soon!

PS: let me know if you like these more personal posts and I’ll write more <3

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