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Apps That Make Freelancing Easier / My Favorite Tools

What’s up fellow kids,

How’s everyone doing?

The world is pretty fucking awful right now.

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But amidst all of the horrendous shit, it IS incredible and humbling to be a part of such long overdue change happening across our country.

Black Lives Matter.

I look forward to raising my son as a responsible, loving and informed man. I am honored to stand with this incredible movement and continue to educate myself on exactly how I can be an ally.

We all need to come together to support and protect our black community. We’re all one big fucking family on a planet we’re hell bent on destroying… so it’s time to fucking act like it.

If you can’t make it to a protest, then please be sure to advocate in other ways. Donate, and keep the conversation going about what’s happening.

For those of us with skin color privilege, it’s the LEAST we can do.

Here’s some links where you can donate!

Official George Floyd Memorial FundI Run With MaudJustice for Breonna Taylor (official)(#BREEWAYY)Elijah McClainNational Bail OutThe Bail Project

Apps For Freelance Writers

Now that the important stuff has been taken care of, I wanted to write a quick little off-the-cuff post about what I’m currently using and loving in my Copywriting business.

This way my fellow writers, whether you’re a freelancer or creative writer, can get the details on some apps or software that I think are worth the investment.

Here’s my list of…

The Best Copywriting Apps


Mentioned good old Grammarly before, bit she’s still my main bitch. Love her plagiarism checker, and I LOVE how she slides into my inbox and tells me how prolific my writing was for the week.

That kind of encouragement can mean a lot, even of it’s from a robot.


Pretty sure I’ve talked about Trello before too, but holy shit is this browser app, probably, the biggest help to my day.

First, it’s absolutely free.

Second off, it is an INCREDIBLE visual organization app.

I, literally, would not be as productive without Trello. It’s also a HUGE help to me with anxiety, because I’ve figured out the best way to use Trello to keep me focused and clear on what I need to get done.

That way I don’t have to get overwhelmed.

Divi Builder

Yeah, this is a bit of an investment… But if you have a WordPress site… I just… Can’t say enough good things.

It is a tiny bit of a learning-curve, but. It too bad. But it is just… Such an incredible website builders. It’s improved the look and functionality of my site.

I think if you’ve started your business and are looking for a way to maybe elevate your website presence, Divi is great.

Hemingway Editor

So, I like Grammarly better for a lot of reasons, but Hemmingway App is really great tool to help me tighten up my sentences.

Because I’ve been a creative writer since I was 10, my writing style can be very illustrative, descriptive, and flowery.

This isn’t the most effective for Copywriting, and so Hemmingway App helps me reign that all in and be more concise.

It really helps me THINK better.

It’s also totally Free, so no sense not adding it to your bookmarks.

Invoicing App | Freshbooks

So, I currently use FreshBooks, and I like it A LOT. I’m planning on switching to QuickBooks because someone I think is VERY savvy about this type of stuff says I might be better off, in the long run, using it.

Regardless, I emphatically recommend signing up for an invoicing/accounting app/software.

This makes your life easier. Your clients life easier. And it will really help you keep track of your business expenses.

Freshbooks has been a great and easy to learn software. Not to mention it’s only about $25/month, so it’s really not a huge investment.

But it will be a big help around tax season.


I wouldn’t say I’ve found my IDEAL time-tracking app yet. But I definitely think Toggl is great for being free. I, as a rule, do not charge by the hour for my services. However, I have been trying to make more of an effort to keep track of how long projects take me as a means of keeping my focus.

Ironically, I use a time-tracker to make sure I… stop. You’ll find when you start working on your own business, you’ll easily just… work all day and night.

That passion and drive you feel is beautiful and motivating. But 12-hr days/ 7-days a week will catch up to you. So I use Toggl to hold me accountable to “stopping”.


Canva is great for folks who either don’t have access or experience to an adobe programs (in some regards, it’s actually even more convenient considering you have access to libraries of fonts, vectors, images, and more all in the same place).

I’ve actually heard people give Canva shit, but I don’t really understand WHY. I mean, would I FINALIZE a logo for a CLIENT in Canva? No, but that’s just because I know that there are certain elements best left for the big boys.

But do I think it’s great for conceptualizing, or creating social media posts? Absolutely.

All of my Blog cover images are made in Canva because it’s just REALLY easy.

You Gotta Find What Works For You

I’d love to hear about tools that you guys use to get through your day. I’m always looking for new and fun apps and organization methods to improve my work flow.

After all…

Work smarter. Not harder.

Black Lives Matter. Happy Pride Month.

Wear a fucking mask.

See you guys in the next one!

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