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Copywriting For Websites & Why It’s REALLY Important

Building a successful website isn’t easy, but there’s so much more involved than just visuals and contact forms. That’s why I’m gonna explain why copywriting for websites is important, and why it’s a worthwhile investment for entrepreneurs…

If you run a business of any kind, you most likely (and should) have a website. The world’s a digital place now… so whether you’re a plumber or an artist, an online presence is very important. But even if you have a website that looks beautiful, if the copy isn’t written effectively, you’re in trouble.

You’ve probably heard of SEO keywords, and that’s usually the first thing that comes to mind for entrepreneurs when thinking about what makes a website rank well.

However, while definitely important, keywords are not the only factor (or even the more important) factor for an effective website. So let’s talk about one of the true heavy-hitters…

Copywriting For Websites… and Why It’s REALLY Important


Side note: if you want a surefire way to boost your website traffic, make sure you’ve got a blog! Here’s my 100% FREE Blog Writing Template that makes it super-duper easy to start a blog and post to it consistently!

Similarly, if you want another way to boost your blog-writing skills and productivity with insider tips… join my (also free) 30-Day Blog Writing Challenge, today!

Alright, back to today’s post…


Why Is Strategic Copywriting For Websites So Important?

Having well-written copy/content on your website makes you look super professional and greatly improves the website visitor’s experience while browsing your site (UX).

People are VERY quick to judge (in less than 10 seconds) whether they’ll stay on your website or bounce. Harsh, I know, but that’s why strategic copywriting for websites is vital.

Here are some happy little bullet points that cover why copy is critical

  1. Awesome Copy Grabs Attention And Keeps It

  2. Awesome Copy Assures That Your Website Visitors Understand And Enjoy Navigating Your Site

  3. Awesome Copy Knows How To Speak Authentically To Your Visitor & Provide Solutions To Their Problems

  4. Awesome Copy Maintains A Consistent Brand Voice That Makes Viewers Trust Your Website

How Does Copywriting Improve Website SEO?

When people think of SEO, they usually only think about keywords. One of the most counter-intuitive things you can do to your website is “keyword stuff”. Keyword-stuffing is when you try to fit as many keywords into a webpage as possible. While someone might think this will improve their ranking in search results, it can actually make it worse.

That’s because there are many more factors to SEO than just keywords. One of the main ones being your text’s readability. When you keyword stuff, you’re sacrificing the quality of your website copy. It’s annoying to read, has no personality, and makes you look unprofessional. If you visit a website and are accosted by huge walls of text that are stiff and hard to read… you’d leave, right? 

Google notices that and punishes you for it...

When strategic copywriting for websites is implemented, your adding highly-targeted keywords (no more than 1-3 per page), and provide your website visitors with a pleasant viewing experience. That alone establishes you as the professional they can trust.

More bullets about how copywriting helps with SEO

  1. Improves readability, keeping people on your website for longer sessions

  2. Uses keywords in a way that compliments your writing without keyword-stuffing

  3. Improves UX (user-experience) because your webpages are clear, concise, and provide direction on what to do next

  4. (and lots more)

Should You Hire Someone To Handle Copywriting For Websites?

Usually, I try providing DIY tips… but when it comes to your website, I EMPHATICALLY recommend hiring a professional copywriter. Website copywriting is a specialized skill, and copywriters spend a LONG TIME mastering it.

Hiring a professional copywriter to handle your website copy is well worth the investment. Bad copy can really kill a website, and trying to learn can be a real hassle- especially when you’re running your own business and don’t have a lot of time.

If you’ve hired a website developer, they will- most likely- have a copywriter in their network to recommend. Same with graphic designers (we creative freelancers try to keep a catalog of trusted references we can share with our clients).

Here are some website tips you can implement to help before hiring a copywriter

  1. Start a blog (here’s my free guide again) and post consistently

  2. Make sure you’re posting regularly to your social media platforms

  3. Use an SEO tool like Yoast to help improve your SEO score

  4. Ask around in FB Groups for Copywriter recommendations

Final Thoughts

Your website is like an employee. In fact, your website is a salesman who works 24/7 to talk about how amazing your business is. Good salesmen are clever, charming, articulate, and know exactly what to say and what not to say. They understand your customers, and they know how to help them.

THAT is what effective copywriting for websites truly is. Website copy is the compelling voice of your website that helps your business outshine the competition.

It’s YOUR voice.

Copywriters know how to bring it all together and make your site the most effective and authentic representation of your business possible.

I happen to write a lot of website copy, so if you’d like my help with your amazing website, you can email me at, or use the form below.

Submit a form.

I hope this post gave you some insight into copywriting for websites and why it’s important for your business. If you have any questions, drop them in a comment below. If this article was helpful, maybe share it with a friend! 🙂

Until next time,


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