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Haunted Spots In The Hudson Valley

Quite frankly, I had such a good time writing the “Scary Creatures You’ve Probably Never Heard Of” post, that I really wanted to write another spooky blog! I realized that there was no better inspiration than Hudson Valley, NY! The Hudson Valley is not just a historically rich area full of stunning vistas, trails, mountain ranges, and farms (lots and lots of farms) – but it is also home to tons of great haunts!

That’s right, from cemeteries to asylums, the Hudson Valley has a long list of locations that you can visit for some heart-racing fun this Halloween! So, if you’re a local looking for some nerve-racking haunted locations nearby, then take a look below at some of these really creepy spots in Hudson Valley NY!

… but don’t say that you haven’t been warned.

1. Downing Park, Newburgh NY

Newburgh, NY is frequented for its beautiful waterfront, and a strip of local restaurants, bars, and businesses (on said waterfront) that are hot spots for a fun Friday night out! However, Newburgh is also home to a location known as “Downing Park”…

The legend speaks about the spirit of a sad little boy who haunts the edge of the lake. Believed to have tragically drowned, people have reported the sight and sound of him crying, and unsettling bubbles appearing on the surface of the water.

Perhaps the most frightening of accounts belong to the people who claim that if a child gets too close to the edge of the lake, the spirit of the little boy can be heard screaming!

2. Old Ulster County Jail, Kingston NY

Far less serene than a lake, but far more appropriate for a haunted location, the Old Ulster County Jail in Kingston, NY is the prime setting for scary encounters! While not as old as some of the locations on our list, this 48-year-old jailhouse is filled with dozens of unsettling paranormal reports.

Visitors have claimed to hear noise phenomena such as footsteps and voices, and even bone-chilling sightings of cell doors slamming open and closed!

(Isn’t it interesting how much spirits seem to enjoy letting drafts in? I guess they don’t really have to worry about high electric or heating bills, though…)

The Old Ulster County Jail is a location so infamous for its haunts, that it has even appeared on paranormal television shows! With all that in mind, be sure not to conduct any urban exploration of the Old Ulster County Jail alone (or without permission), as you wouldn’t want to risk becoming a “lifer”(sorry, couldn’t resist), yourself!

3. Goshen Historic Track, Goshen NY

Near and dear to my heart is Goshen, NY. I spent many years there, and finding out that the Goshen Historic Track also boasts a ghost of its own was a really interesting bit of news to me. The official race track was opened in 1838, and is still in operation to this day! This is especially impressive, as it recently suffered a terrible fire in 2017, but Goshen has a tenacity to always bounce back.

The spirits that people have reported seeing belong to a jockey and his horse, believed to have tragically drowned in a nearby body of water.

This ghost enjoys long trots on the lake, and chasing unsuspecting people along the dirt trails close to the track. Visitors have also claimed to hear horse hooves echoing without any source.

Who would’ve thought that the sound of a clip-clopping pony, echoing in the serene and innocuous setting of Goshen, could cause the hair on the back of your neck to stand on end?

It goes to show that even the most genteel of villages can be home to haunting tragedies.

4. Vernon Inn, Vernon Township NJ

Making our way to New Jersey, we arrive at the Vernon Inn. However, don’t expect to get any rest while you’re there, because the Vernon Inn is host not just to the bustling living clientele, but also those who had such a lovely stay… that they never left.

Built in 1833, this haunted hostel is reported to provide guests with photographs full of orbs, and even EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena). Less innocuous, you could experience paranormal activity in the form of lights turning on and off – or even doors opening and shutting on their own (again with the doors thing)!

… You know, just to make sure you don’t get to feel like you’re even remotely on vacation!

If you’re lucky (or unlucky, pending on your perspective), you might see the occasional shadowy figure- or even full-blown apparitions out of the corner of your eye, always there to remind you that you’re never really alone at the Vernon Inn!

Clinton Road, West Milford NJ

While I like finding creepy topics and subjects that are lesser known, I really wanted to talk about a location that is pretty famous among paranormal enthusiasts – and rightfully so! The history and fright-factor of Clinton Road is just too cool not to mention- so I will!

Clinton Road, located in West Milford, New Jersey, is host to endless frightening ghosts stories, sightings, apparitions – and even weird non-ghostly creatures!

A few(but not all) of the creepy inhabitants you could encounter include: a little boy, believed to have drowned nearby, likes to scare the crap out of people by hanging out on a bridge over the Clinton Brooke; a pair of park rangers who died in 1939; satanic worshipers, witches- and even radioactive monkeys!

There’s also numerous reports of haunted vehicular apparitions; which really makes driving home on a lonely road all the more skin-tingling and creepy.

Taking a trip along Clinton Road definitely takes a LOT of bravery (or maybe a lack of self-preservation; again, all a matter of perspective!), so if you choose to venture there, be sure to stay safe, and keep an eye out for any mysterious tailgaters.

Maybe I’ll Just… Stay Home

Yeah, for this guy, sometimes it might be a better idea to chill on the couch, pop in a creepy movie, and enjoy the unrealistic feelings of safety of having the covers to hide behind.

If you are an adventure seeker, then I hope this list of scary Hudson Valley Haunted Places has given you a few new spots to visit!

Of course, always stay safe, and make sure that you always receive permission through the proper channels before you even think about taking a trip to any of these locations! Safety and Spooks do not need to be mutually exclusive, people.

If you want to find more locations in the Hudson Valley with haunting histories, take a look at Haunted This awesome site lets you plug in your location, and provides you with a list of spooky spots near you!

Be sure to comment below to share any of your own paranormal encounters, or haunted locations that you’ve visited– especially if any of them were on this list!

If your creep meter STILL hasn’t reached its max capacity, then go check out my previous post “Scary Creatures You’ve Probably Never Heard Of”, and that should be enough to keep you awake tonight!

If you like my content, please be sure to follow the blog, so you always know when there’s an update!

See you soon!

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