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How to Create A Sales Page Tutorial Using Visme

If you’re a copywriter looking to elevate your portfolio with a sale’s page, but

1: Haven’t had the opportunity to create one for a client

2: Can’t use a sales page you created for a client

This post is for you!

Personally, I’m a BIG fan of spec. I think creating spec copy is an INCREDIBLE way to learn all of the critical elements of copy, and share top-quality samples in your portfolio. Writing spec allows you to work from brands with established brand voices, or create your own brand from scratch (which is VERY fun).

Today, I’m going to talk about one of my most favorite tools for creating spec ads:


It’s a fluid and very user-friendly design app that works right from your browser. If you’ve used Canva before, Visme is a very similar product, and you’ll get the hang of the interface quickly.

I’ve used Visme to help me create several spec pieces in my portfolio, but my favorite thing to create are sales pages. So, I’ve created this basic how to create a sales page tutorial in Visme for my fellow freelancers looking for a way to really wow anyone visiting their portfolios.


FYI: I’m such a huge fan of Visme that they’ve added me as an Affiliate! *squeals*. So, if you use any of my affiliate links (like the one below and throughout this post) to try Visme for yourself, I’ll get a percentage (which helps me keep the blog going)!

Click here to try Visme with my affiliate link


Alright, onto the post!

Why I Use Visme To Create Sales Page Spec

  1. It has a super flexible “Infographics” template that you can resize as many times as you need (which means you don’t have to deal with running out of space for your copy)

  2. Visme provides a “share” feature, so you can paste a link in your portfolio, and it’ll take the reader to a beautiful presentation screen. It really helps immerse the viewer, and looks so slick and professional

  3. Visme offers a LOT of customization in their free version, making it awesome for freelancers just starting out

Alright, now that we know why I use Visme, I’ll walk you through how to create a sales page.

Step 1: Research, Research, Research

While I’m not going to teach you how to write the actual copy, I’ll walk you through some steps to get your going before putting everything together in Visme.

If you ARE interested in learning how to write a sales page, I highly recommend checking out Alex Cattoni, she’s a BRILLIANT sales copywriter, and offers a VERY affordable course called the “Write & Ignite Challenge”.

I am not an affiliate, but I’ve personally completed the challenge, and it was SUPER VALUABLE. I highly recommend it to everyone trying to build up their skills and confidence with writing sales pages.

Alright, anyway… enough of my fan-girling, let’s go!

Research The Brand Voice: Before writing spec copy, make sure you familiarize yourself with a company’s brand voice. The worst thing you can do is write some copy that might be GREAT… but it’s inconsistent with their brand. This is also true when making design decisions for your sales page.

It’s important to recognize and implement the look and feel of the company you’re writing spec for. Here are important design elements to make note of:

  1. Font choices

  2. Color choices

  3. Whether they use graphics vs photographic images

  4. Specific data/features about the product or service you’re writing a sales page for

I actually wrote an article about some super awesome Chrome Extensions that can be a big help during this stage, so you can check out: “8 Free Google Chrome Extensions Every Entrepreneur Needs Right Now”. I swear by these, and use them almost every single day.

Step 2: Draft, Edit, Finalize

Once you’ve got all of the information you can glean from the company you want to create spec for, it’s time for you to actually write your sales page. Now, the more preliminary research you’ve done, the easier this will be (again, check out the Write & Ignite Challenge for an AMAZING step-by-step process.)

Spend as much time as you need writing your copy in your favorite word processor. Don’t try to rush, and definitely don’t try to write your sales page directly into Visme. Trying to write your copy drafts into Visme could get distracting and frustrating when you’re trying to let your creativity flow.

So write, edit, write, edit, write, destroy until you’re happy with your copy and feel it’s 99% done.

I recommend 99% because you never know what type of formatting issues might arise once the copy goes into Visme.

For example: you might notice that your headline is too long, and needs to be adjusted, so get it as close as you can, and just be ready to ensure your copy and design elements compliment one another. You need BOTH for a successful sales page.

Step 3: Sign Up For Visme

This is the easy part, so just make sure you sign up for Visme and it’ll walk you through everything you need to know about your dashboard and the tools at your disposal. It’s a lovely little workspace, and very straight-forward.

(Again, if you use my affiliate link, I’ll get a small percentage when you sign up)

Step 4: Choose Your Visme Design Template

Once you’ve gotten acquainted with your Visme dashboard, go to your templates and choose “Infographics”. This is crucial, as this is THE best way to give your sales page a realistic appearance.

Viewers will just be able to scroll down and down and down to the bottom, just like they would with a real sales page. It makes a HUGE difference in presentation and flow.

Step 5: Start inserting each Sale’s Page Section

As I said earlier, you might find that copy needs to be tweaked so as to enhance and ensure the design flows smoothly.

This is totally okay… just make sure as you’re working along, you keep a copy of your spec company open (preferably a sales page they’ve actually used already) to ensure you’re staying consistent with their design and tone.

One big tip I have is: use LOTS of white space on either side to improve readability and simulate reading a real web/sales page. So give yourself more room than you think, it ends up looking and feeling really nice.

I suggest adding your copy section by section… and if you find that you’ve run out of room, just click and drag the bottom of the page to add more length to your page. It’ll resize automatically (it can also be reduced in size, too!)

Step 6: Publish & Share Your Sales Page On Your Portfolio Site

When your amazing sales page is all done, navigate to the top-right corner and click publish. Follow the instructions, copy the link, and paste it into your portfolio.

Go Forth And Create Killer Spec!

I hope this little walk-through gave you the confidence to create your first sales page spec in Visme. I’m an affiliate with this brand because I LOVE this product, and I adore the people behind it. I’d never share something with you guys unless I DID love it. 🙂

So if you’re interested in falling in love with it, too, click the link below to sign up.

Try Visme Using The Kopy By Kenz Affiliate Link

Lastly, don’t forget to join my weird little newsletter community. When you join my list, you have exclusive access to content revolving around marketing, motivation, Imposter Syndrome, TMI personal stories… and whatever else I feel like sharing lol.

If that sounds cool…

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PS: PLEASE send me links to your sales pages, I’d LOVE to see them!

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