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How To Do Email Marketing: 5 Cool Ways To Make Your Email Subscribers Read Your Emails

One of the most important steps in understanding how to do email marketing, is writing emails that your subscribers want to read. This sounds obvious… but that doesn’t mean it’s easy… especially if you’re not super comfortable writing in the first place.

In many conversations I’ve had with clients, I realized just how stressful email marketing is for so many amazing businesses owners. Not only does it put any insecurities about writing ability on display, but it can also be a real heart-break when you spend a ton of time writing an email… only to see a super low open rate.

But it’s okay, my friends…

Because I’m going to talk about how to do email marketing with 5 cool ways to improve your open rates and have your subscribers excited as all hell to see you in their inbox.

The character, Erin, from the "Office" tv show, pumping her fist in excitement. Used to emphasize reader excitement in response to the "how to do email marketing" post

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Alright, onto the tips to improve email open rates!

Number 1: Don’t use capitalization in your subject line

So this might seem really weird, especially if you’re thinking about all of those hours spent in English class, but studies show that people tend to open emails that don’t capitalize the subject line. The reason being that lack of capitalization makes the email seem more casual/personal. It more resembles how someone would send an email to someone they actually knew.

Now, you don’t HAVE to do this “how to do email marketing” tip if it bothers you… no capitalization can rub some people the wrong way (because everyone is DIFFERENT). For example, my husband doesn’t LIKE no caps in the subject line, so it’s up to your preference. This isn’t an end-all-be-all technique. But it’s definitely worth testing out!

Number 2: Don’t be afraid to get weird

One of the most effective and important ways of nurturing a highly engaged subscriber list… is by not taking yourself too seriously. The beauty of email is it allows a more intimate and authentic opportunity to connect with your readers.

While staying consistent with your brand voice is always important, it’s also okay to let your personality shine, too. Be yourself, even if that means things get weird sometimes (again, subscribe to my newsletter to see some examples lol).

Pink-haired Lady Gaga waving her hands and saying "Personality".

Being your most authentic and unabashed self, and talking about topics in YOUR unique way… means that the right people will be drawn to you. Sure, maybe you’ll get some unsubscribes… but that’s a good thing. It means those folks weren’t meant to be a part of your “tribe” in the first place.

Number 3: Turn everyday experiences into Great Emails

One of the toughest parts of maintaining an email list is coming up with something relevant to talk about each week (or however frequently you send out an e-blast). But this is where my favorite aspect of email marketing comes into play… and if you know who Tarzan Kay is (which I highly recommend you check out if you haven’t yet), you’ll know she’s THE BOSS on this topic lol.

Use experiences, moments, and situations in your life as subject matter. You’d be AMAZED at just how many personal stories you have that can teach valuable lessons… or segway into relevant topics your subscribers will really appreciate.

While email isn’t social media… it is a space to share more intimate details of who you are. After all, people are signing up to YOUR email list, they want to hear from YOU. So pay attention to your day-to-day life, and keep a log of funny experiences. Even the most mundane (seeming) situation can inspire an INCREDIBLE email.

Hell, one of my favorite emails I ever wrote was about my dying cucumber plant (that refused to die lol)

Number 4: Let’s Get Visual- Visual

Just like in every other form of marketing… visual stimulus is a huge part of how to do email marketing effectively. People like graphics and visuals to break up the text. This helps with readability, and keeps your audience engaged in the post.

My favorite form of visual stimuli (as you’ve seen thus far) are gifs. I think they’re so fun, definitely fit my personal vibe as a biz owner, and are easy to insert into an email!

Spongebob Squarepants cartwheeling across the screen in front of the word "FUN"

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Number 5: Have fun

I know it seems tough, especially if you’re not super confident in your writing abilities… but your email list should be a community that you and your audience want to be a part of! Remember that your readers are humans… and it’s okay to remind them that you’re a human, too!

Don’t overthink it, and don’t stress about it being perfect. Just talk to your readers and build a community. When you provide engaging and authentic content, your audience will appreciate and engage with it.

Be Yourself And Your Subscribers Will Be There For It

So go on out there and start writing some bomb-ass emails that will have your readers dying to read your content. Remember to:

  1. Be yourself

  2. Use your own life experiences as inspiration

  3. You’re speaking to fellow humans

Your subscribers will truly thank you for it… and those relationships you build will do wonders for your business. An active and engaged email list is one of the most powerful resources in your arsenal. It’s truly worth investing your time in… and it’s so much fun.

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