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My Ghost Encounter: A True Story Of An Atheist Who Saw A Ghost And Doesn’t Really Know What To Do Ab

I know this is a COMPLETE 180 compared to my normal content… however, my childhood ghost encounter was an important moment in my life, and I’ve never forgotten it (them).

I reiterate that this story is completely “true”. I put “true” in quotation marks since the “truth” about the existence of ghosts is obviously TBD, I guess.

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My Background With The Supernatural And Spirituality

We were not raised with any religion. My father was raised Irish Catholic, but as an adult, he actually held quite a resentment for the church. If I’d known what an Atheist was back then, I would’ve (mostly) described my father as one.

My mother was not raised with any strict religion, though she definitely considers herself spiritual. She, my gramma, and my mother’s sister all claim to have multiple experiences with ghosts/etc throughout their life.

I grew up with many interesting ghost stories… and if you guys end up enjoying this story, maybe I’ll see if they mind if I share theirs.

My mother claims to be “psychic”, and while I can only take her word with a grain of salt (being that I did not experience these things)… she does have a pretty uncanny ability to predict the biological sex of unborn children, as well as “kinda know things she shouldn’t know” lol.

Long-story short, while “ghost stories” were, in some semblance, part of my childhood, it wasn’t something I or my siblings thought much about.

My 1st Ghost Encounter

So I was 15 when this happened. We were homeschooled, so “bedtime” was not really a thing in our house, and being that I was the sole babysitter for my younger brother and sister, we were used to staying up pretty late. This story takes place between 12:00 AM -1:00 AM.

This particular night, my parents were home, and I was cleaning the room I shared with my sister. She was sitting on her bed (which was next to our bedroom door that led out into a boxed hallway.

To the right of my bedroom door was the bathroom door. Directly across from my bedroom door was my younger brother’s bedroom. To the left of my bedroom down was an accordion door that was half-ajar, and led out to the rest of the house.

I cannot emphasize enough how mundane this evening was. Definitely not a night to have a ghost encounter.

My father was out in the living room watching tv, the light was in my room was on because I was cleaning, and just… nothing was going on. No scary movies or shows watched that day, etc…

Please let me emphathize that I was wide awake. I wasn’t laying down or sitting, so there was no way I fell asleep without realizing it and had a dream. I was up on my feet, cleaning my room (because that’s the kind of weirdo kid I was), and our overhead light was on.

Black and white scene of a light-skinned man staring at a metronome from his bed. An image to go along with my ghost encounter

My Ghost Encounter With Her

So there I am cleaning my room (minding my own business, if you will), and I happened to be rising back to my feet after picking something up off the floor… and all of a sudden I see this red-haired woman in (what I can only describe as) a large white t-shirt/dress (it really looked like an oversized t-shirt).

I watched her “flee” out into the living room, and I even watched her… like… shift her body so that she could fit through the accordion door (which was, as previously mentioned, semi-ajar).

She didn’t make any noise, and I couldn’t see her face, but she was completely solid.

Quite frankly, I just thought someone (not a ghost, but a real human) was in our house. It was not unusual for friends of my father to just… show up/be in our house unannounced. So I’d just thought someone was visiting… but then I remembered it was 1:00 AM in the morning.

light-skin man, dressed in all black, tapping his watch. Flattened text reads: "It's late"

I then thought it might’ve been my mom (even though my mom had dark brown hair and was wearing a bright-green neon t-shirt that evening). So, I started investigating.

I went and peaked in on my mom in her bedroom, confirming that she was still in her neon green t-shirt (I’m pretty sure she was sleeping- she went to bed pretty early on night’s she didn’t work).

Aas a last-ditch effort to be rational, I was like “well… let me just go look at my father.” Maybe, somehow, I confused my 350 lb, white-haired father with a slender, red-haired woman in a flowing white dress/shirt.

But, as you might expect, not only had my father’s form not changed to that of a red-haired woman… but he wasn’t even wearing a white shirt (I’m pretty sure it was blue, but don’t quote me)

So I asked, “Hey, is someone over?”, and my dad was like “No,” with a laugh (again, because it was past midnight). He must’ve noticed my expression, and laughed again, “What, you see a ghost?

My dad was not a believer, so he was making fun of me lol. I kinda just shrugged, can’t remember exactly how I responded, and then went back to my room and told my sister about it.

My sister believed me (but she was younger), and while I was a bit surprised at what I’d just seen, I wasn’t afraid at all. There was nothing about what I saw that felt threatening.

I was honestly just confused… and while I almost couldn’t believe what I saw, I did see it.

Quite frankly, even to this day… I don’t quite know what to do with that lol.

confused light-skin man sitting in a leather chair

My Thoughts On My Ghost Encounter

Like I just said, I don’t really know what to do with that experience. I am an atheist, and I don’t observe any spiritual beliefs or practices. I don’t even really believe other people who tell their own ghost stories.

But here I am with this ghost encounter of my own. A memory that’s like a “flash-bulb” moment in my life… and I have no way to explain it. This experience is so deeply etched into my brain that I’d rather be called a liar than hear typical (but reasonable) theories to dispel the experience.

“Overly-Tired”: Definitely not, I was very used to being up late (even though I go to bed between 8:30 and 10:00 nowadays, lol)

“A Dream” (again, was wide-awake and cleaning my room)

I’ve never had night-terrors, I’ve never hallucinated, I’ve never had anything even close to a similar experience since then. So, I guess I just kind of accept that something happened that I can’t explain.

This Ain’t All

You may have noticed that I added a “part 1” to the title of this post. That’s because my experience with ghosts didn’t end there. However, the second half of the story needs its own post. It’s longer, and involves my little sister’s own ghost encounter with the “red-haired t-shirt lady”.

And while my experience didn’t frighten me… her encounter definitely scared her lol.

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I’d love to hear about your own ghost stories, so if you wanna share, drop them in the comments below!

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