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My Ghost Encounter: A True Story Of An Atheist Who Saw A Ghost And Doesn’t Really Know What To Think

Here we are, part two of my true ghost encounter! If you haven’t read the first half, click here to read part 1 now. It’s better if you know how this all began.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m an atheist, but I’ve had a short series of paranormal encounters that happened during my teenage years, and I’ve never been able to explain them. In this post, I’m going to tell the second half of these experiences, as well as recount my sister’s encounter with the “red-haired t-shirt lady”.

Obviously I can only take what my sister says with a grain of salt, as I didn’t see what she saw… but I won’t ever forget the look on her face when she told me, and she’s never recanted her story to this day.

dark and creepy hallway with bright neon text that says: my ghost encounter (part 2)

A Bit Of Background On My Childhood Home

Here are some details that I feel are important regarding the house where all of these paranormal encounters take place.

This home was in a small suburban community in west coast FL. From what I recall, the house was around 40-50 years old when my parents bought it. I have no idea who the previous owners were, or if anything untoward happened there. Florida state doesn’t require the disclosure of deaths on a property (which I only learned while trying to research my own house for this article lol).

large, light-skinned man shrugging with the caption "No idea!"

All that to say, if there were any tragedies that took place on the property prior to us living there, I have no idea.

However, one relevant fact about my house is that my parents did a LOT of renovations… and the area of the house where, all but 1 paranormal experience took place, were the sections that had not been renovated.

The unrenovated location being the “box” hallway, and the 3 rooms that connected with it (described in my previous post).

Alright, now that that’s out of the way…

My Sister’s Red-Haired T-Shirt Ghost Encounter

There was a span of two-weeks between my ghost encounter, and when my sister would claim to see the red-haired ghost lady. In fact, I’d started to put the whole event out of my mind, assuming that I’d just imagined it (even though I knew I didn’t).

A lot happened in those two weeks, staying over at our grandparents for a few days while my parents left town on a job, etc… so there was a lot going on that took my (and my sister’s) mind off of what I’d seen.

So when my sister came into our bedroom one night (white as a sheet), and sat down on the bed, I didn’t know what was wrong at first. I was really startled, and I asked her some variant of “Holy crap, what’s wrong?!

She looked at me and asked: “What did that ghost you say you saw… look like again?”

… and I felt my stomach drop.

After describing the lady I’d seen flee from the hallway, my little sister went on to explain:

“I was in front of the hallway mirror doing my makeup (she was, 12-ish, and makeup was a hobby of hers, this was something she did all the time)

Suddenly something told me to look into Seanny’s room (our little brother, whose room would’ve been to her left, and SHOULD’VE been dark and empty at the time)

When I leaned back and looked into the room, she was just standing there… but she wasn’t looking at me, just staring through me.

I remember feeling sick… yeah, I totally thought I could dismiss my experience since I was the only one who saw it… but now she did, too. And seeing the look on her face, and how pale she was… I absolutely believed her.

Just like with my sighting, there was absolutely no stimulus to lie or imagine things. We hadn’t talked about it for at least a week, hadn’t watched any scary movies, etc…

This was totally out of the blue.

No Support From Daddy-o

Both of us being really unsettled, we left our room (taking special care not to look into our little brother’s bedroom), and told our father what just happened.

Just as before, he laughed it off, telling us we were nuts… so we nervously returned to our room and discussed the situation a little while longer.

The Night Of Terror

It would be years before my sister and I would have another ghost encounter. We spent 2 years living in Las Vegas (my parents were musicians, so we travelled with them while they performed around the United States of ‘Murca).

Anyway, after our time in Vegas, my family returned to the house for a few days, and then we’d be on the move again to New York.

The first night back in the house would be one of the creepiest and most frightening nights my sister and I would ever experience… and while we laugh about it now- we were NOT laughing that night.

black and white shot of still water with the words "Terror" fading into view (ghost encounter blog post)

The TV

So, it all started after everyone went to bed. My sister and I were still sharing the same bedroom as before, and we had our TV on. We were “one of those kids” who needed to sleep with the tv on. Being that we were only there for a few days, my parents didn’t turn the cable back on, which meant that the TV was just showing white snow (dead air for the younger folks who might not recall how ‘old-fashioned’ television worked lol).

All of a sudden, the tv just shuts off. Later our father said that tvs with no signal automatically shut off after a while. I tried to double-check if what my dad said was true, but couldn’t find anything, so I am not going to say the tv going off was paranormal… but it’s worth mentioning because it was the switch that started off the night.

After we got a little anxious at the TV going off… we started hearing footsteps on our roof. Big heavy footsteps. We’d lived in that room for many years… and NEVER heard anything like that before.

We lived on a very quiet street where ALL of our surrounding neighbors were elderly. In other words, nobody was up at this hour partying or making noise.

Our Ghost Encounter With The Radio

We were starting to get really nervous, but pretended to ignore it.

Then I heard a strange noise…

My parents had a big surround sound stereo system in our living room, and it connected to a hub that COULD play live radio. As I laid in bed, I thought I could hear the really low sound of talk radio. It didn’t sound like people talking, it specifically sounded like talk radio coming from the living room.

I laid there for a long time, trying to figure out if I was actually hearing things/trying to ignore it… but eventually it drove me so crazy that I got out of bed, stood at my bedroom door and listened.

My sister said (something like): “You hear it?

And I said (something like): “What do you hear?” (I didn’t want to influence her own thoughts by telling her what I heard first)

She replied: “The radio…

And I said something in the affirmative, and then cracked the door open to try and solve this. Once the door was opened, I heard nothing. It was completely quiet, and the talk radio noise was gone.

I was uncomfortable, anxious… and now had to go to the bathroom, lol.

dark-skinned man looking distraught and saying "I gotta pee really bad"

The Rocking

So… after getting myself all “braved-up”, I quickly veered out of my room and into the bathroom that was right next to our bedroom door. I made a point not to “look anywhere”, and focused on getting into the bathroom, turning on the light, and shutting the door.

While takin’ care of business, I started to hear another weird noise. I had no idea what it was, but it was louder than any of the other sounds. So, I slowly cracked open the bedroom door, and saw my sister peeking out of the door, looking out toward the sound.

I immediately squealed: “YOU HEARD IT, TOO?!” and we scrambled back into our room and closed the door.

“WHAT IS THAT?” I asked, and she replied “The rocking chair”.

My parents had a La-Z Boy living room set. It was green “leather”, and had a full couch, loveseat… and big, chunky rocking chair.

A rocking chair which sat just beyond the accordion doors of the hallway.

After that, nothing else happened. My sister and I just crawled into bed, hid there, and waited until morning. For anyone who might reasonably wonder why we didn’t go get our parents… it was because we would’ve had to cross the entire house to get there…

And we were scared.

Straight up, we were 2 teenage girls and we were scared and hid in our blankets lol.

Random Weird Paranormal and Ghost Encounter Experiences

I thought it would be fitting to talk about a few other paranormal incidents that took place in that house, but weren’t experienced by my sister and I. Obviously, I can’t vouch for any of these, as I wasn’t present, but I thought they were worth sharing.

The Balloon Ghost Encounter

Apparently, the women in my family have a thing with paranormal balloons, lol. My grandma (my mom’s mother) had almost an identical story to the one I’m about to share (back from when my mom was still a kid).

The following balloon incident happened to my mom.

animated image from IT of child in yellow rain coat walking toward a red balloon. Pennywise the clown flashes into view during lightning strikes. (ghost encounter blog post)

Before my brother’s room was my brother’s room (which was the room directly across from my sister and I’s), it was my parent’s room. My brother was born, but he was still a baby. In fact, this story takes place right after his first birthday.

As I said earlier, my parents were a musical duo, which meant they worked in the evening. My father had taken us out with him somewhere, so my mom was alone in the house. She decided to lay down and take a nap, being that she’d have a late night.

While laying there, she noticed a balloon from my brother’s birthday come out of her room and stop in front of her. One of the most peculiar things about this balloon was that my mother said it ducked beneath the door frame to avoid it, like a really tall person would.

The balloon would hover in front of my mom’s face for a few seconds, then float back into the bedroom (again ducking beneath the door frames of the hallway and her bedroom).

… a-a-and then it would come back out, and hover in front of her face again.

This would happen a few more times before my mother finally said: “Listen, I acknowledge you’re here, but I need to get some rest and this is freaking me out. Please stop.” And just like that (so she claims), the balloon floated back into her bedroom and didn’t come out again.

The Sock and the ball

Because my parents played music for a living, we travelled a lot. Pretty much my life between 11-18 was spent on the road. All this to say that we had family friends who were kind enough to drop by our house to check on things (run the water, make sure no one broke in, no emergencies, etc).

One funny story comes from a family friend, and involves a ball and a sock. This story isn’t spooky… it’s strange, but not spooky, lol.

My mom’s friend called and was like, “So… everything’s totally fine, but when I came inside there was a ball with a sock on top of it- just sitting in the middle of the floor.”

No one had been in that house for months, and the only person who went in the house was our friend who came to check on things. She left the sock and ball where it was, lol.

My Brother’s dolls

This one is pretty creepy (in my opinion). So, my brother was a little guy when he stayed in the room across from mine. He was a toddler/ kindergarten age at the time of this story. He had an array of stuffed animals and dolls on his bed, and he used to complain to my mom that he “didn’t like” some of the dolls and they “scared him”. This happened a few times, and finally my mom decided to grab a garbage bag, and let my brother choose which dolls had to go.

creepy doll with a knife peaking around a corner (ghost encounter blog post)

So one day my mother and brother sat on the bed, and my mom watched as my little brother picked each doll up, assessed it for a few seconds, and then would say: “this is good/okay”, or “no”, and then he’d throw the latter away.

As far as I know, he never reported any paranormal activity, and I ended up my spending a few months in that room when I was an older teen. I also did not have any other experiences/discomfort while there.

That’s All For My Ghost Encounter, Folks

So that’s it. Those are my true ghost encounters. While my “night of terror” may not seem that scary, my sis and I were FREAKED OUT lol. Nothing paranormal has ever happened before the incidents I shared in part 1 and part 2, nor have I experienced anything since then. As I said in my last post… I don’t really know how to compartmentalize this in my brain.

I really appreciate the chance to share these ghost encounter stories with you, it was fun to recount them, and I’d love to hear about your own paranormal experiences if you want to share.

If you’re interested in hearing more creepy stories that have taken place in my family (cuz there are more than you’d think, lol), let me know. I’ll find out if those family members are cool with retelling their stories, and with me sharing them on the internet!

Thanks for stopping by for a little Halloween spirit in July… err… August, I guess lol.

PS: here’s are 2 more paranormal-style article I wrote last year:

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