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My Top 5 Awesome Gifts For Freelancers!

With THE BIGGEST consumer holiday right around the corner, I wanted to do a quick post on 5 awesome gifts for freelancers, just in case you’re wondering what to get your freelancing friend or family member this year!

This is more of an opinion post, as everything on this list are products that I personally use every day, but hopefully, it can help!

Even if you just happen to be looking to treat yourself for all of the incredibly hard work and diligence that you’ve put in as a freelance business owner, maybe one or all of the stuff I’m going to highlight below is precisely what you’re looking for!

FYI: I’m not sponsored by any of these products or brands, I’ve paid for all of the gift ideas that I’m going to talk about below, and I think they’re awesome enough to share with you all!

1. RocketBook Fusion

So, having just had a baby (who’s doing fabulously and is the best boy ever), I’m spending a lot more time inside of my house, and that included on Black Friday, lol. This also means that I used Amazon to shop for practically all of my Christmas gifts (and any baby stuff I didn’t realize I needed until I needed it lol).

While online shopping, I came across the RocketBook Fusion Reusable Notebook. It was on sale for around 50% off, and I’m always looking for ways of limiting my waste without impeding my workflow, and so I ordered it because it looked awesome and had great reviews.

Well, the reviews were right, and the RocketBook Fusion is an AWESOME notebook. So, it works basically like a dry erase board, except it comes with a special pen and eraser.

The ink used actually dries onto the paper, so you don’t risk accidentally wiping away your notes (unless you get the page wet). But the paper wipes clean when you use the little rubber eraser (you can also erase with water, but I haven’t tried that yet).

The RocketBook I purchased came with a pen, the notebook(which comes with: lined paper, dot-grid paper, a calendar, to-do, goals, etc.), and a microfiber cloth. Thus far, this reusable notebook has been an excellent tool in taking research notes, and it’s a nice feeling to know that I can use the same notebook forever!

Now, one of the coolest features of this notebook is its companion app. So, you might be thinking: ‘What if you have notes you want to save forever? You’ll run out of paper eventually!’, but thanks to the app, you don’t have to worry about that! 

That’s because each page has a series of symbols on the bottom, and each of those symbols can represent a specific location (that you choose) on your computer, such as Google Drive, One Drive, etc.

Once you set up your app and your folder locations, all you need to do is take a photo of the page that you want to preserve through the app, and it claims that it will automatically store a file to the location you specified! 

Now, I’m not sure if I mismarked the symbol, but when I took the picture, I still had to select one of the locations that I had previously linked to my RocketBook App. This really wasn’t that inconvenient to me, but just worth mentioning.

RocketBook notebooks seem to come in several styles and sizes, including a tiny pocket size! If you or someone you know loves to stay organized or takes a lot of notes, this is a great tool!

I think this would be an especially useful tool for students, as they will be able to keep their study notes organized digitally from anywhere!

2. Grammarly Premium Subscription

I bought the Premium Subscription for Grammarly roughly a month or so ago to see if it was really worth all of the hype, and if it would make my editing process more manageable.

Thus far, Grammarly does a pretty good job of detecting sentence structure and grammar issues, giving you little insights into how to potentially make a sentence stronger. 

I usually run my work through Grammarly before I even proofread it myself, so that I can tackle the ‘silly‘ errors first without having to ‘look‘ for it.

While it is a fully-functioning word processor, I tend to write my work in Google Docs first, and then I copy and paste it into Grammarly to check it over. The only reason I do this is that it’s just my personal writing process. 

As I draft my work, I like the freedom and flexibility to mess with the formatting as I go, so that I can get a picture visually as far as white space and such. And since I’m familiar with Google Docs, it’s just easier for me to stay in Google Docs and not worry about learning Grammarly’s different formatting options.

Yes, long story short… I’m lazy.

Grammarly is a great second pair of eyes to help me dig through my work. Sometimes I disregard it’s input if I’m going for something specific with a phrase or sentence, but overall it is super useful.

The best feature, for me, is the Plagiarism checker. After you’ve gone through the proofreading stage, all you need to do is click the little “plagiarism checker” button on the bottom, and it’ll go through your work and help you identify any phrases or sentences that are similar to another reference on the internet (if any exist).

3. Mobile Computer Desk

I bought this when I was super pregnant because I wanted to work from my couch and also be able to use a proper mouse with my laptop (as I hate using a laptop’s track-pad). 

So, back to I went, and I found an awesome little mobile desk that adjusted to the perfect height for me to use while sitting on my couch! It’s called the…

“Seville Classics 23.6″ Solid-Top Height Adjustable Mobile Laptop Desk Cart”

This little ‘desk cart‘ perfectly fits my 15″ laptop and a mouse pad. The only thing I don’t like about the desk (for my needs specifically) is that it has a slight angle, so I have one of those layers of rubber drawer liner to keep things from sliding off. 

The only OTHER thing I don’t like (but this was more my lack of forethought than anything else) is that while it perfectly fits my laptop and my mouse pad, I wish it was big enough to fit a notepad(as well), but that’s a very minor gripe. 

However, I plan on just buying a piece of plywood and screwing it onto the desk to give me more work space.

Other than that, the desk is sturdy, easy to assemble, and quite affordable! It’s an excellent gift for a freelancer who works from home.

From personal experience: I think this is an especially great gift for a new mommy trying to build her business, because she’ll be able to work from the living room or the baby’s nursery!

4. WordPress Premium Account

It doesn’t matter what type of business your Freelancing family member or friend is running; every single business needs a website. Giving the gift of a year’s worth of a WordPress Premium Plan is a fantastic way to give your favorite freelancer’s business a boost!

WordPress is one of the most popular, if not THE most popular web hosting platform, and there’s a reason for that. WordPress is what I use to host my website. 

Out of all of the platforms that I have experimented with, it is my favorite platform because its features are incredibly easy to learn and it also has endless capabilities as far as customizing your website to fit your brand.

5. Laptop

Now, obviously, this one is a bit pricey, so this might be the gift reserved for a spouse, child, or very close friend. However, a decent laptop is a fantastic business tool for your freelancer. And while a laptop computer is expensive, you can absolutely find excellent options for under $200.

As an example, the laptop that I’m using is a refurbished one that we found on for $150! It took a bit of research (and help from my tech-savvy husband), but it has worked fantastically for everything that I have needed it for!

While I mainly use this laptop for writing and marketing, I do find that it is capable enough for me to use Canva for any quick graphic design work that I need to do without issue.

A Priceless & Easy Gift For Your Freelancer

You don’t have to spend a dime to give your freelancer a really great gift. Your freelancer’s key to success is marketing. They need to reach as many people as possible to find the clients that need them! You can help them do that! 


Share, comment, and Like their posts on social media. When you engage on their social media, you attract your audience to them, and one of your own followers could be a potential client that would never have discovered your freelancer friend’s skills otherwise!

I hope this brief list has given you a bit of inspiration if you’re wondering what to get your friend or family member who is branching out as an independent business owner. No matter what, the best gift you can give is your support.

Becoming a freelance business owner is a very stressful and intimidating life transition, so even just giving your freelancer a pat on the back and emotional support means more than you know. You have no idea how priceless of a gift it can truly be!

Happiest Holidays to you all!

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