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Scary Creatures You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

If you’ve decided to check out this blog post, then it is probably safe to say that you like mythology.

Even if you LOVE all types of mythology, and may be familiar with folklore from numerous different cultures, the goal of this blog is to potentially expose you to a few weird (and freaky) mythological creatures that you might not have heard of before!

With Halloween around the corner, we thought this list would be a fun little way of getting you into the creepy spirit!

The Adze

In Ghana, the Adze is part of Ewe folklore. This weird, terrifying being is the Ewe version of a vampire! The Adze is believed to exist in the wilds, lurking and waiting for easy prey fool enough to wander too close.

When the Adze takes on its human form, this hideous thing can take possession of humans; and when it hungers – the Adze transforms into a tiny, beautiful little firefly… that sneaks into your room and drinks your blood until you die!


Carrying on with the creepy vibes, we now travel to Japan to discuss a both terrifying and tragic creature. Imagine laying awake at night, hearing the chattering of teeth, only to look out your window and see a giant, angry, skeletal being staring back at you. That’s a Gashadokuro!

This mythological creature is the result of malic-filled, furious spirits who have died from war or famine, and did not receive proper funeral rites. As these angry spirits decay to bones, they collect together to form a massive giant that haunts the night. The Gashadokuro cannot be killed, and so it simply wanders the lands, until all of the anger and rage has evaporated.


Rounding out this list of nightmare-inducing creatures, we have the Nuckelavee. Now, while the name of this Orkney-dwelling creature seems a bit amusing- the creature is anything but. Originating from Norse mythology, the Nuckelavee is a demon bearing the features of both a horse and a man. Yeah… kinda like a centaur… only really awful!

A creature that instilled absolute terror in the inhabitants of Scotland’s Northern Isles, the Nuckelavee was hairless, with a head ten times larger than a man’s, and riding upon an equally abhorrent steed. It’s only goal was to torment the humans residing on the islands, and it was only his fear of fresh rain and the ocean spirit called “Mither O’ the Sea”, that kept him (somewhat) at bay.

Phew! We Made It!

We hope these creatures both inspire and unsettle you! The three ghouls we have covered are just a few out of dozens of weird and creepy mythological creatures from across the world, but their hideous, tragic, and plague-like effect on humanity made them wonderful topics of this conversation!

Now that we’ve left you a little more afraid of the dark… we want to thank you for stopping by, and we wish you a very Happy Halloween!

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