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What Is An Email Welcome Sequence Tutorial | Do you NEED It?

Have you wondered what, exactly, an email welcome sequence is- or if your business even needs one? Well, isn’t that grand, cuz that’s precisely what this post is all about! Not only will I explain what an email welcome sequence is, but I’ll also walk you through a quick welcome sequence tutorial!

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What Is An Email Welcome Sequence?

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An email welcome sequence is both self-explanatory and a bit more complex. Email welcome sequences can consist of 1 or multiple emails that a new subscriber receives after they’ve signed up for an email list.

This can be generalized, or they can receive specific email sequences based on HOW they signed up for your email list- i.e:

  1. Subscribed To A Newsletter On Your Website

  2. Subscribed In Order To Download Your Lead Magnet

  3. So on, and so forth…

A welcome sequence is your new subscriber’s first taste of what they can expect from you in their inbox. Email marketing is wonderful because you can really get personal and casual in tone, and it’s an incredible way to build relationships with leads who are more likely to purchase your products or services.

Who Needs A Welcome Sequence?

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Any business should have a welcome sequence if you’re building an email subscriber list (which you should seriously consider- if you haven’t already). No matter what size business you’re currently operating, or what product or service you’re selling, email sequences are powerful and wonderful tools in your marketing arsenal.

How To Write A Welcome Sequence

Time to talk about some actionable steps you can take to start writing your awesome Email Welcome Sequence!

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Create A Freebie/Lead Magnet

First things first, before you can send people welcome emails, you need a way to collect emails. The easiest and most affordable way to do that is to create a Lead Magnet (AKA Freebie). A Lead Magnet is a piece of content that provides your prospective customers with a ton of value without them having to pay for it.

Create a Freebie that solves a problem for your ideal customer, and they’ll be more than willing to exchange their email address for that resource!

Freebies don’t have to complicated, either. It can be something as simple as a checklist you made in Word, or a full-blown e-Book.

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Writing A Welcome Sequence | Be Authentic

Okay, so aside from welcoming your new subscriber, a welcome sequence also gives you the chance to let that person know what they’re in for. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through (you can keep your brand voice in mind, but it’s also great to create a more human connection).

Writing A Welcome Sequence | Determine Your Goals

Think about a goal you’d like to achieve with your welcome sequence. For example, it could be compelling someone to check out your online shop, join your Facebook Group, or subscribe to your YouTube Channel. This will help you plan out the content of your email sequence.

Writing A Welcome Sequence | Timing

As important as the content of your welcome sequence is, so too will be the way you schedule them to appear in your subscriber’s inbox. It’s a delicate balance of not overwhelming them (you don’t wanna look like a stalker) or waiting too long so that they forget about you. This is something to consider throughout email marketing in general.

The way I usually schedule out a Welcome Sequence Is:

  1. 1st Email Sends IMMEDIATELY After Subscribing. This is usually because that first email will have your new subscribers Lead Magnet download, so you want to get that to them as soon as possible.

  2. 2nd Email Sends The Following Day. Gives some breathing room without your subscriber forgetting who you are.

  3. 3rd Email Sends 1-2 Days Later(this all depends on what your goals are).

Bonus Tips:

A Welcome Sequence shouldn’t be too long. You’ll have other sequences to create based on your goals for that subscriber. I usually like to keep it to 1-3 emails MAX.

Always provide your readers with an unsubscribe button. It might feel counter-intuitive, but it’s important to give your readers that flexibility. And just because they unsubscribe to one sequence, doesn’t mean they’re gone entirely. It just gives them the freedom to opt-out of promotions that they aren’t interested in.

bye-welcome sequence

What Software To Use For Email Sequences

One aspect of sending a Welcome Sequence is the software you’ll be using to create and automate them. And, yes, please keep in mind that your Welcome Sequence will be automated (you won’t be sending emails manually, so don’t worry).

I have only used two email software brands (in fact I use them sort’ve in tandem). MailChimp & ConvertKit.

I started with MailChimp because it’s free, but I switched to ConvertKit because sending automated email sequences was… unbelievably easy. Like, the only way I can describe it is: it just works as you’d want it to. Everything is easy to understand and manage.

It does cost $30/month, but I can honestly say it’s worth it. Plus, it has a plethora of other options like creating Landing Pages, Forms, etc, so everything is contained in one nice little package.

Not to mention their automated customer journey UI is so easy to learn that it makes me feel like an expert lol.

Don’t get me wrong, I think MailChimp is GREAT… but while I tried to figure out how to create an automated sequence in MailChimp and… well, just couldn’t, ConvertKit made it insanely easy.

MailChimp also offers features like Forms, Surveys, Landing Pages, etc, I just find ConvertKit so much easier to use.

There are tons of Email Marketing Software to choose from, so do your research and see which one suits your needs. Don’t be afraid to test out a few and see what feels right… but I strongly recommend using ConvertKit’s free trial as one of your first options lol.

Don’t Be Afraid

Email marketing can feel really intimidating because it’s so personal. This person has invited you into their inbox, and you’re building a relationship with them once (or multiple) times a week.

Don’t get discouraged if you see folks unsubscribe, that happens, and it’s not a bad thing. Remember that email marketing is all about nurturing trust with leads that will one day become avid fans and customers. Anyone who opt-out wouldn’t have bought your product anyway!

So go forth, and send some emails!

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