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Why Your Businesses Needs Nurture Emails

I’ve talked a lot recently about the importance of blogs and how they’re a tool for building traffic and trust with your audience.

Today I want to talk about another important piece of content you should implement into your marketing strategy, and that’s a little something called nurture emails.

Email marketing is still one of the biggest ways to sell your products and services, but it’s also an equally powerful tool in building trust and engagement with your ideal customers that doesn’t have to always involve selling something.

What Are Nurture Emails?

Nurture emails are a way of providing valuable content and insight in an exclusive and intimate way. When you have people on your email list, they’ve already agreed that they like you well enough to share their email address, and sending nurture emails reinforces that bond.

Nurture emails aren’t about selling something, they’re just about connecting with your email list in an intimate way that you can’t always do with a blog.

Nurture emails can be more casual, you can talk about personal stories, and provide exclusive tips and freebies that continue to establish your expertise. It also just reminds your subscribers that they’re important to you, and that they’re dealing with a human being on the other end of the keyboard.

No one likes to get spammed constantly with sales-y stuff, so sending emails meant to grow your relationship with subscribers is powerful.

How Do You Write Nurture Emails?

My favorite way to come up with nurture emails is to think about personal experiences, and if there’s a lesson, tip, or insight that my readers might find inspiring or educational. You’d be surprised at how many stories you have to tell, so I recommend keeping a journal or app on your phone where you can jot down topic ideas on the fly.

Most of my nurture emails are pretty silly (if you don’t know already, my whole… um… brand is built on silliness and building connections through humor lol), and I enjoy writing them because I really get to be myself. It’s genuinely fun for me- but it’s also okay if you find it way less fun.

Remember, this is all about relationship-building NOW, so if you do decide to sell something later, you’ll have an incredible list of hot leads much more likely to buy from you.

I also try to give my subscribers exclusive content and downloads that I don’t share anywhere else.

(if you wanna be a part of my own list and see how I write nurture emails, here’s the link where you’ll also get my FREE All-in-One Blog Writing Template)

How Often Should You Send Nurture Emails?

A lot of my email marketing is influenced by the T-Boss herself, Tarzan Kay– and she’s a big fan of sending multiple emails per week.

(she’s a genius, and I highly recommend you follow her and join HER email list)

Most of my own clients are very worried about sending ‘too many emails’ because they don’t want people to feel spammed- and that’s totally reasonable. The difference to keep in mind is: nurture emails aren’t about selling, they’re about building relationships. Treat them like you’re emailing a friend, and provide content that enriches them either inspirationally or educationally.

In my opinion, I think you should send emails at least once a week, and don’t be afraid to experiment with a higher and lower frequency based on your audience and their reaction.

IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT PANIC if you see people starting to unsubscribe when you start sending emails more often. This is normal, and it’s actually a good thing. These unsubscribers are people who aren’t your ideal customers, anyway.

Email Marketing Can Have A Soul- You Don’t Have To Feel Icky About It

The most important thing to keep in mind when sending nurture emails is to be yourself.

I know that sounds very generic, but it is CRITICAL.

You must be your genuine self, and don’t be afraid to share the less-than-perfect bits sometimes. People can smell BS from a mile away, so being true to yourself and true to your beliefs is my top tip for writing nurture emails.

And, as with all forms of writing and marketing, you’ll get better the more often you do it.

(again, if you want to see how I write nurture emails, use the subscription form below, or click here to download my All-In-One Blog Writing Template for free)

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I hope this brief post has inspired you to try your hand at email marketing. It’s my favorite form of copy, and writing my own nurture emails is one of my favorite parts of the week.

Just don’t strive for perfection, do your best and your confidence will grow with time. It’s better to go for it than wallow in anxiety and fear of failure.

Trust me.

Happy Holidays Friends and Chat Soon,


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