Kenz’s Copywriting Portfolio

Welcome to my little museum of copywriting samples!

*quickly bats away spider webs and prods the weird tentacle monster back into that out-of-place and very ominous-looking closet*


Ahem! Please don’t mind the mess, I get up to a lot of weird stuff in here! >_>


A-a-a-anyway, scroll on down to see a variety of work I’ve done as a freelance copywriter. If you have any questions or don’t see the particular service you’re looking for…

Email Marketing

The Design Project Newsletters

Project: Create an on-going newsletter packed with valuable inpiration, tips, and inspiration

Client: The Design Project

Tone: Friendly, funny

SunRay Travel Nurture Emails

Project: Create compelling nurture emails to inspire empty-nesters to take the trip of a lifetime

Client: SunRay Travel

Tone: Friendly, personal, inspiring

Sales Pages

Visme Sales Page [Spec]

Project: Create a long-form, benefit-driven sales page for Visme

Client: Spec

Tone: Friendly, professional

FreshBooks Sales Page [Spec]

Project: Create a long-form, benefit-driven sales page for FreshBooks

Client: Spec

Tone: Professional, inspiring, empowering

Landing Pages

LEASH Landing Page [Spec]

Project: Compel pet owners to search for LEASH pet care pros in their area

Client: Spec/Fake company

Tone: Friendly, funny, sassy

FYVM Landing Page [Spec]

Project: Compel viewers to sign up for a free lead magnet and join the email list

Client: Spec/Fake company

Tone: Sassy, bold, inspiring, no BS

Ad Copy

ABC Toys Banner Ad [Spec]

Project: Compel parents to shop at ABC toys

Client: Spec

Tone: Friendly, funny, sassy

The New Yorker Banner Ad [Spec]

Project: Compel viewers to subscribe to The New Yorker

Client: Spec

Tone: Professional, inspiring

Webpage Copy

Project: Help businesses owners to understand the value of commercial marketing and compel them to work with EDP

Client: Edieprod

Tone: Formal, professional, high-end


Project: Deliver and bright and happy website that compels viewers to work with Its-Sew-Good services

Client: Its-Sew-Good

Tone: Friendly, warm, inviting

Coming Soon

Project: Coming soon

Client: Coming soon

Tone: Coming soon

Blogs & Articles

"What is a data visualization designer?" Blog Post

Project: Create an engaging blog post describing the who, what, and why of data visualization designers

Client: The Design Project

Tone: Funny, friendly, informative

"How to send a follow-up to a media pitch" Blog Post

Project: Describe the specific steps to send effective follow-ups to media pitches

Client: One-Pitch

Tone: Friendly, informative

"What is a Design System?" Blog Post

Project: Create an engaging blog post explaining what a design system is and why startups need one

Client: The Design Project

Tone: Funny, friendly, informative

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