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5 Ways To Be The Best Client A Copywriter Can Dream Of

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

(it’s actually very easy)

When you decide to work with a copywriter for the first time, you’ll both have a lot of questions. You’re two different people, with two different views, and you (most likely) have never worked together before.

Along with worrying about whether this copywriter is the right fit for you (read this article to know how to hire a copywriter), maybe you’re concerned about being the right fit for the copywriter.

If you want to know how to quickly become your copywriter’s favorite client, this article is for you! Without further adieu,

Let’s do this!

Number 1: Be Prepared

The most valuable thing you can do for your freelancer is to be prepared. You don’t have to have EVERYTHING in order, but give your freelancer some guidance on the direction you want to go via:

  1. Similar projects you’ve done before 

  2. Filling out a thorough creative brief

  3. Sharing some insight into your mission, who you are as a brand, etc 

Scar from the Lion King singing "be Prepared"

Number 2: Give Actionable Feedback To Your Copywriter

Feedback is part of the process. It’s perfectly okay if you notice things in their copy that doesn’t click with you.

Don’t be afraid to say it, but just make sure you’re clear on what you don’t like and why. Sometimes we have to step back and question whether we “don’t like something”… or if we’re just struggling with letting go of control. Some of the most difficult clients can be wonderful people, but just CAN’T let go of control, and end up only really being happy if they do it themselves.

But that isn’t always the case, so if you notice something in the copy that doesn’t work for you, let your copywriter know ASAP. That way they can either walk you through why they made that decision, or know exactly how to adjust.

several animated figured with text bubbles above them

Number 3: Listen To Your Copywriter

This kinda comes back to the control thing. Remember that your copywriter is (should be) an expert in what they do. Every word they write has a purpose, and every copywriter is a marketer. If you’re brainstorming, and they offer some feedback that might be opposed to your initial concept, be open and hear them out.

Ultimately it’s up to you, but know that your copywriter always has your best interests at heart—and wants you to succeed.

black and white clip of a railroad stop sign

Number 4: Don’t Leave Them Hanging

Whether it be with resources, feedback, etc… try to be respectful of your copywriter’s time. They’re running their own business, and it’s very important that you get back to them in a timely manner. Even if you can’t give detailed feedback right away, don’t just ghost them for weeks at a time. It’s very frustrating and drives your copywriter CRAZY.

baby gorilla swining from a branch

Number 5: Pay Your Copywriter With Social Proof

Aside from paying their invoices on time (which isn’t included in this list because that should be obvious), one of the best things you can give your copywriter is a testimonial.

Social proof is valuable for ANY business, but for creative freelancers it’s indispensable. If you’re happy with your copywriter (and REALLY wanna put a smile on their face) send them a nice testimonial without them having to ask. I PROMISE it will make their day.

What makes a good testimonial? It’s very easy, so don’t overthink it. Just identify WHY you liked working with your copywriter—maybe specify a specific aspect of their service or skill that stood out to you.

animated graphic of a thumbs up emote


As you can see, being the best client ever isn’t very hard- and all of these tips make you a better business owner in general, so it’s a win-win!

If you wanna learn more tips about copywriting, marketing, and TMI stories about my weird life… suuuuubscribe below!

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