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Oh look—copywriting samples!

*Quickly bats away spider webs and prods the weird tentacle monster back into that out-of-place and very ominous-looking closet*


Ahem! Please don’t mind the mess, I get up to a lot of weird stuff in here! >_>


A-a-a-anyway, scroll on down to check out a few copywriting samples. However, please reach out for ADDITIONAL samples, which I can share privately ^_^

Email Marketing

By far my FAVORITE style of copy to write. There are just... from welcome sequences to drop campaigns, to just general community-building, email marketing is a wonderful way to show off your brand personality and connect more intimately with your subscribers.

The Design Project Newsletters

Project: Create an on-going newsletter packed with valuable inpiration, tips, and inspiration

Client: The Design Project

Tone: Friendly, funny

SunRay Travel Nurture Emails

Project: Create compelling nurture emails to inspire empty-nesters to take the trip of a lifetime

Client: SunRay Travel

Tone: Friendly, personal, inspiring

Sales Pages

The bread and butter of every funnel—here's where the selling comes in! They are so much fun to write, and encompass so many interesting and challenging elements to balance.

Visme Sales Page [Spec]

Project: Create a long-form, benefit-driven sales page for Visme

Client: Spec

Tone: Friendly, professional

FreshBooks Sales Page [Spec]

Project: Create a long-form, benefit-driven sales page for FreshBooks

Client: Spec

Tone: Professional, inspiring, empowering

Landing Pages

Landing pages are one of my favorite assets to work on. There's so much freedom to play around with word count, formatting, and CTAs. Many of the client Landing Pages I've worked on aren't live yet, or are ghostwritten, so I've included some spec samples here.

LEASH Landing Page [Spec]

Project: Compel pet owners to search for LEASH pet care pros in their area

Client: Spec/Fake company

Tone: Friendly, funny, sassy

FYVM Landing Page [Spec]

Project: Compel viewers to sign up for a free lead magnet and join the email list

Client: Spec/Fake company

Tone: Sassy, bold, inspiring, no BS

Webpage Copy

Websites are so fun to write because they accomplish so many different things. They're usually a prospect's first impression of your brand, while also being a comprehensive source of information about your values, your mission, and why they should choose you over your competitors.

Project: Help businesses owners to understand the value of commercial marketing and compel them to work with EDP

Client: Edieprod

Tone: Formal, professional, high-end

The Design Project

Project: Help startup founders and Marketing VPs understand the value of UX design services via a subscription-based pricing model 

Client: The Design Project

Tone: Funny, professional, bold

Case Studies

The best way to sell your product or service is by letting your CUSTOMERS do the selling! Case studies are one of my favorite assets to write because of the opportunity to play with storytelling strategies that feel inspiring and narrative.

How TDP Helped Big Health Help Users Sleep Better

Project: Write a case study about how TDP helped Big Health make their Sleepio app more user-friendly.

Client: The Design Project

Tone: Funny, professional, bold

OSlash UX/UI Dashboard Redesign

Project: Write a case study about how TDP helped OSLASH build a more fluid and intuitive dashboard, and optimize core features. 

Client: The Design Project

Tone: Funny, professional, bold

Ad Copy

It wouldn't be a copywriting portfolio without actual ADS, no would it? While most of my clients have enlisted me for long-form projects, I like to keep my skills sharp by working on spec!

The New Yorker Banner Ad [Spec]

Project: Compel viewers to subscribe to The New Yorker

Client: Spec

Tone: Professional, inspiring

Blogs & Articles

I LOVE blogs—it's where it all started in my professional writing career. It is so fun to help readers learn new things, master a skill, or just have a fun few minutes enjoying content tailored specifically to their tastes. It's been a blast helping my clients connect build authority and start exciting relationships with new customers.

"What is a data visualization designer?" Blog Post

Project: Create an engaging blog post describing the who, what, and why of data visualization designers

Client: The Design Project

Tone: Funny, friendly, informative

"3 Reasons B2B SaaS Copywriting Matters That No One Talks About"

Project: Describe why copywriting for B2B SaaS brands is vital to enhancing the product lifecycle

Client: Kopy By Kenz

Tone: Friendly, informative

"What is a Design System?" Blog Post

Project: Create an engaging blog post explaining what a design system is and why startups need one

Client: The Design Project

Tone: Funny, friendly, informative

Ghost Writing Work

While I can't share the actual work I've ghostwritten, several of my clients have offered testimonials that I can share below!

"I can't stress enough how outstanding her work has been so far - consistently delivering excellent work before our agreed deadlines. Mikenzi can work magic with words and I feel that her expertise in copywriting was the best fit for my business needs. Extremely professional, quality-driven, and a voice with personality."

—Mateo B. | SaaS Co-Founder

"Kenz worked with us on a big content project for an enterprise B2B client and did a phenomenal job. She communicates quickly and manages her time well. Her content is always on time and needed only minimal editing. She learns quickly, adjusts well to feedback, and is always ready for more. We look forward to working with her again."

—Alexis W. | Editor & Strategist

Ready to get started?

White Papers & e-Books (coming soon)


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