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Want more customers without resorting to cheesy marketing tactics?

Effective and ethical copywriting services that set your brand apart!

Copy that makes your ideal customer excited to click!

When most folks hear the word “marketing”, they usually envision cheesy or unethical practices... perhaps they've even suffered at the hands of such tactics in the past.


But effective marketing doesn’t have to be slimy.


Help your brand convert customers with copy that's clever, unique, and empowering.

"Her writing ability is outstanding."

—Joshua Brewer | The Patria Co. | Email & Content Marketing

Copywriting services that set you apart

Copy by Kenz blends psychology, market research, and storytelling into impactful messaging that helps you turn prospects into loyal customers always excited to buy, subscribe, or follow!


I'll help you craft copy that builds trust, establishes your expertise, and puts your value in the spotlight.

Email Marketing

Landing Pages

Website Copy

Sales Pages

Product Descriptions

Ads & Brochures

Blog Posts


Case Studies

"I can't stress enough how outstanding her work has been so far - consistently delivering excellent work before our agreed deadlines. Mikenzi can work magic with words and I feel that her expertise in copywriting was the best fit for my business needs. Extremely professional, quality-driven, and a voice with personality."

—Mateo Bilbao la Vieja | Scalestack | Email & Content Marketing

Why work with Kenz the Freelance Copywriter?

Effective copywriting is an integral element of a successful business. High-quality copywriting not only makes your business look extremely professional, but it greatly improves the likelihood of increased sales by identifying your ideal customer’s problems empathetically and respectfully.


  • No fear tactics (ew)

  • No false urgency (double ew)

  • No manipulation (dis…gus…ting)

“[...] She is talented, highly skilled and experienced, has advanced knowledge of software technologies, and always provides high-quality content in time! We are beyond impressed with her incredible writing."

—Olga Weis | Eltima Company | Content Marketing

"Mikenzi was so accommodating, adjusted my newsletter with clarity, humor, and proper verbiage. She is such a pleasure to work with, very knowledgeable, brilliant, and so easy to work with.

Recommend her highly."

—Brenda Otto | Owner | SunRay Travel | Email Marketing

"If you want consistent and compelling content that drives traffic and sales for your business, then I highly recommend you connect with Kenz and let her solve your copywriting and lead generation needs today.”

—Todd Bruck | CEO & Founder | BotCake | Sales Page

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