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The SaaS Copywriter You Can Count On

Growing up in a traveling band, I learned the importance of empathy, integrity, and determination.


When the decision to use my creative skillset lead me into the marketing sector... I knew I'd need to do it my way.


That meant:


  • Never use slimy tactics that prey on people’s fear and insecurities


  • Building genuine relationships between businesses and their clients'


  • Compelling customers to invest in my client’s offers because they feel empowered—not overwhelmed or afraid of consequences

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I'm Kenz—and I live in the UFO capital of the world

Yep, it's true...

No, I do not live in Area 51.

I actually live in Pine Bush, NY... and we are, indeed, the UFO capital of the world.

Personally, I've never seen a UFO (...I think, but there was this one time—err, never mind...)


I've always had a passion for telling stories. I loved weaving exciting stories for childhood friends and watching their faces light up with happiness. It was one of those: "Ah, this is why I'm here" kind of moments.



As most of us do, I tricked myself into believing that the special thing that lit up my heart wasn’t something I couldn’t make a sustainable living with.


(The “Starving Artist” mentality and all that)


I spent ages 20-29 drifting from “real job” to “real job”—but always felt out of place, lost, and even incompetent.


And all the while… my gut kept telling me that I knew what I was supposed to be doing—and it had nothing to do with spreadsheet formulas…


(my inner voice has learned to be very patient with me over the years)


But I forced myself into this cycle of anxiety and self-depreciation until I found myself 6 months pregnant in 2019.


The company I’d served for 6 years  told me they weren’t willing to offer me part-time remote flexibility (this was about 6 months before COVID, so in hindsight, it’s pretty ironic lol)


I was then faced with a conundrum:


Continue to waste away in a job that made me miserable and kept me away from my baby?




Take a chance?


Well, kids make you do the darndest things, and so, inspired by his existence, I took the leap and became a freelance copywriter.


Three years later, I’ve had the honor of helping businesses all over the country with my unique and ethically-driven copywriting services!

And this method works…

Hey! I've been here!

But don’t take it from me, listen to my clients:

“[...] She is talented, highly skilled and experienced, has advanced knowledge of software technologies, and always provides high-quality content in time! We are beyond impressed with her incredible writing."

—Olga Weis | Eltima Company | Content Marketing

Mikenzi was so accommodating, adjusted my newsletter with clarity, humor, and proper verbiage. She is such a pleasure to work with, very knowledgeable, brilliant, and so easy to work with.

Recommend her highly

—Brenda Otto | Owner | SunRay Travel | Email Marketing

If you want consistent and compelling content that drives traffic and sales for your business, then I highly recommend you connect with Kenz and let her solve your copywriting and lead generation needs today.”

—Todd Bruck | CEO & Founder | BotCake | Sales Page

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