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Why should you hire a Copywriter?

Hi there business-ownin’ friends,

This week’s topic of discussion is a very important one (and obviously very near and dear to my heart).

I wanted to talk about if and why you should hire a copywriter. Perhaps you’ve toyed with the idea, but aren’t really sure- or maybe you don’t even know what a copywriter IS?

No problem, because I’ll talk about the benefits of hiring a copywriter, what a copywriter actually is, and what you can do on your own if you aren’t yet ready to make the investment.

What IS A Copywriter?

Firstly: Copywriting has nothing to do with copyrighting, lol. I say this because before I knew what marketing copywriting was, I was only ever aware of copyrighting. So I just want to clear that up, lol.

A copywriter is a writer who specializes in using psychology and marketing know-how in order to compel and convince an audience to act.

“Copy” is everywhere, every billboard, magazine ad- any advertisement with text (basically) was written by a copywriter. And every single word was written with strategy in mind.

Why Should Your Business Hire A Professional Copywriter?

As I just mentioned, every line of copy you read was written with a strategy and intention. Every word- the way the words were organized- the size of the font… it’s all carefully considered in order to have the most effective impact on a specific audience.

Copywriting is a blend of psychology, intuition, marketing strategy, and writing technique that anyone can learn… but it’s a very specialized skill set that takes a LONG time to master.

The reason you should hire a copywriter is because it’s our job to help your business engage and compel customers to buy your products or services. We work with you to figure out the problem that your business solves… and then make your offer irresistible to your customers.

Here are some lovely little bullet points to help emphasize the benefits of hiring a copywriter

  1. Less work on your plate

  2. Better ads

  3. No more struggling if you’re not the best writer

  4. Someone who understands your audience and appeals to their deepest desires

  5. A partner who’s entire job is to make your business grow

What can Copywriters help you with? (Short answer: anything having to do with writing)

  1. Websites

  2. Social Media Ads

  3. Landing Pages

  4. Emails

  5. Blogs

  6. Video Scripts

  7. Billboards

  8. etc

How Do You Hire A Copywriter?

Easy, just send me an email! Lol, JK JK!

(not really)…

No, but in all seriousness, we Copywriters are closer than you think. You can work with an Ad agency, or you can hire a freelancer (like me). There are tons of FB groups full of copywriter of all skill-levels looking for an amazing client like you.

You can either post your projects in one of those groups, or contact a Copywriter directly. 🙂

Just make sure you ask to see their portfolio to make sure you like what they produce.

What To Do On Your Own If You Aren’t Ready To Hire A Copywriter?

Okay, so if you’re still not ready to hire out copywriting, here are a few suggestions if you want to try this out yourself.

And who knows, you might end up loving it and that would be great!

  1. Join relevant FB groups where you can learn and participate

  2. Read Books: start with “The Science Of Advertising”

  3. Start paying attention to the ads you see on a daily basis and take notes

  4. Try to “rewrite” those ads in your head

  5. WRITE- you’ll never get better at writing unless you sit down and do it… a lot

  6. Sign Up For A Course

It Is Something You Should Seriously Consider, Though…

While you can ‘give it a try’, I really do recommend seriously considering hiring a copywriter (and as much as I joke, of course it doesn’t have to be me, lol).

But copywriting really is a specialized skill that you can’t just pick up without a lot of hard work… and if you’re busy running a business, you know darn well time is hard to come by.

I hope this post helped you see the benefits of copywriting as well as some (very basic) alternatives if you aren’t ready to start hiring a copywriter yet.

If you have any additional questions, just comment below and I’m more than happy to help answer them!

Be sure to share this blog with your fellow business friends in case they might be on the fence about hiring a copywriter, too!

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Take it easy friends,


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